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Advert-FiveM is a simple advert script for FiveM servers (it isn't an automatic broadcaster !).

How to use it

  • Use the RCON command advert in order to see how to use the script
  • advert Some sweet words here will broadcast to all player online the message "Some sweet words here"
  • You can add in templates.lua some texts in order to broadcast them later
  • To broadcast a template, you can use the command advert /templateName (don't forget to add a / before the name of the template). For instance, advert /maintenance will broadcast to all player the texts link to maintenance template


  1. Download the latest version from the GitHub repository.
  2. Put the advert folder in the resources folder on your server.
  3. Edit templates file as you want.
  4. Add "start advert" in your server.cfg.

This script won't be updated and no support will be provided